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How To Get Out Of A Botted Playlist

Updated: Feb 8

You've found yourself in a botted playlist. Great! (not great).

We understand the frustration and the potential harm it can do to your artist profile. We're here to guide you, step by step, out of that artificial echo chamber and back to focusing on genuine marketing strategies.

Some common repeat offenders are WAVR.AI, Varsity Playlists, ThePlaylistBros, CraftPlaylists, PlaylistGoats, and TopShelf Playlists, to name a few.

In case you don't understand the risks (they're really bad), take a look at this article: The Risks Of Botted Playlists

Why did I get added to a botted playlist?

Most of the time it's the result of a paid playlist campaign gone wrong, but we've also seen scammers adding artists without their knowledge in an attempt to get their attention.

Don't worry. If you act quickly, there are usually no issues.

Step 1: Report The Playlist

Spotify for Artists Support is the place to go for this one.

You want to report the playlist because Spotify will put a note down on your account indicating this isn't your doing.

This should mitigate most of the risk associated with being placed in a botted playlist.


  1. Start a chat with Spotify for Artists Support

  2. Say you've been added to a botted playlist and need to report it/get removed from the playlist.

  3. They'll ask you for the playlist. Link it to them.

  4. Clarify that this won't affect your account.

  5. Boom. You're in the clear!

Step 2: Ask The Curator To Remove You

You want to be in this playlist for as little as possible, and we don't have time to wait for Spotify to escalate internally.

Even though you should be clear of any risk of being removed from Spotify, these botted plays can still affect your algorithm support.


  1. Find the curator's contact info on or contact the place where you purchased the placement.

  2. Email them respectfully. It's critical to be respectful. You don't want to aggravate these people. Something like: Hey NAME, could you remove my song SONG_NAME from this playlist? Song: my-song-link Playlist: bad-playlist-link Best, Aaron

  3. Now, unfortunately, all you can do is wait for their response, however, usually, this gets the job done. 👍

Words Of Advice

We suggest avoiding any marketing service that guarantees playlist placements for money. If they accept everyone who pays, they're probably botting, because this isn't a sustainable practice for an authentic playlist curator.

Submission sites such as SubmitLink or SubmitHub are solid choices for running playlist campaigns because they don't guarantee placements. They use bot detection tools like to guarantee you aren't submitting to botted playlists.

It's also a smart practice to run any playlists you get placed on or any playlists you intend on submitting to, through a Spotify Bot Checker.

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Well, actually it seems impossible to get Spotify interested in the problem with bottet playlists, (at least if it's not millions of robot "listens"). After half an hour of chatting with a person from one department and then one from another, you can be lucky that this last person will declare that your problem will be posted to the right department, and that Spotify will take action. Which they don't. The firm is to big to have any real interest, and the people Spotify hire for these chat seems to have very little knowledge and shows only pseudo interest. This is a generel problem - which you can se on Spotify's own blogs.

To get in contact with the people…


Mar 15
Rated 1 out of 5 stars.

artist tools is also based on faked and scripted data analytics graphs we lost so much money

Replying to

i’d very much like to see the data here and help clarify!

obviously missing data needs be estimated like listeners, but other than that all our data comes from spotify directly. it should be 100% accurate unless something went wrong.

anyways i’d love to deep deep into this! hit me up in chat


Rated 1 out of 5 stars.

lol to sell your own shit you are pointing fingers on platforms ?. Naming them in your article seems a cheap way of getting attention

Replying to

so… should we not be calling out the companies getting artists banned?

all this bot data is free on all bot checks are free. i dont see a sell here

if i had any sense i’d think you’re the bot company that asked us to remove the mention of your brand.

but maybe im speculating lol


MarCum uP
MarCum uP
Feb 29

i dont know what to do ..ive done evereything that was stated here to get off of a botted list.. and ive given it time... now im. just lost.. im still on a botted list . ive even reached out to spotify and they reassured me im ok.. but what if its some other list.?.. no list is showing up except when it says im. on a botted list...smh


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thanks, its super sad it had to be this way. But thank you for advice

Feb 28
Replying to

sadly this is where the state of Spotify is

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