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Spotify Stream Counter

Ever wanted to know how to see how many streams a song has on Spotify? Track the real-time stream count of any track as well as a historical view of streams over time.

Additional Data: Popularity Score, Playlists, Monthly Listeners, Bot Detection, and more!

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See how many streams a song has on Spotify, in real-time!

No Spotify for Artists

Normally you need access to an artists Spotify for Artists account to view stream data. Not with!

Live Stream Count

Historical Stream Tracker

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☑️ Free Access. Unlimited bot checks, playlist analysis, playlist searches, and 7 days of historical data.

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☑️ Industry Access. Designed for teams managing numerous artists, curators, playlists, or tracks. CSV exports, playlist keyword data, reports, & more.

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API Access starts at $250/month.

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Spotify Streams Tracker

Paste an Track URL to view a live stream count!

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