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Spotify for Artists: Stats & Analytics

All the insights and analytics you need to get on Spotify playlists, track song stats, monitor artist analytics, and watch for bot activity. is an all-in-one data platform for Spotify playlists, tracks, artists and curators, specializing in growth data and bot detection.

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Spotify for Artists isn't enough — they neglect to show a lot of valuable data and insights about your growth.

With you can monitor both hidden and public insights about your artist profile and tracks.

✅ Popularity Score

Monitor your internal Spotify popularity tracking against other artists and tracks. This metric is commonly used by Spotify Editors when being considered for Editorial Playlists.

✅ Botted Playlist Placements

Get an overview of what botted playlists you're in and how to get out.

✅ Playlist Reach

See how playlists are influencing your growth over time.

Among other important metrics like monthly listener tracker, stream tracker, and follower growth tracker.

Hidden Spotify for Artist Analytics

We collect and track public contact information on hundreds of thousands of playlists.

Always Bot-Free

Unless otherwise specified, we only show you playlists that pass all of our bot detection checks.

User Playlists

Quickly search for bot-free playlists by artists they include, genres they curate, listeners they have, and much more.

Editorial Playlists

Spotify recommends mentioning 2-3 Editorial Playlists in your Spotify for Artists Pitch. We make finding the relevant ones easy - just tick "Show Only Spotify Editorials".

Contact Thousands of Spotify Playlists

We provide the tools needed to monitor and act on botted playlist placements.

Bots are the single biggest risk for any artist on Spotify.

Whether it's your fault or not, they punish you with...

↪ 90%+ reduction in algorithm support

↪ 100% exclusion from Editorial placements

↪ At high risk of being removed from Spotify

↪ Some distributors charge you $$$ for being placed in botted playlists (like DistroKid)

Our Bot Detection Algorithms work as an insurance policy for your artist profile.

Protect Against Bots on Spotify

Why Spotify Matters?

Spotify, with its 345 million monthly active users and 96 million subscribers, stands as the leading platform for digital music consumption globally. It's not just a revenue stream for musicians but a vital tool for reaching new fans, promoting music, and growing a fan base.

Why Spotify for Artists and Spotify Analytics isn’t enough

Although Spotify offers proprietary tools like Spotify for Artists and Spotify Analytics, which deliver insights into an artist's Spotify stats and performance, access requires direct association with the artist's Spotify profile. These tools, such as Spotify for Artists, go beyond mere analytics by enabling artists to submit tracks for playlist consideration, manage their profiles, and more. Meanwhile, Spotify Analytics caters to labels looking to monitor their entire roster's Spotify artist stats, offering a broader scope similar to Spotify for Artists but on a label-wide scale.

However, to fully understand an artist's impact, relying solely on Spotify song stats or artist stats isn't sufficient. A comprehensive analysis of an artist's career necessitates aggregating data from a myriad array of industry platforms and channels.

Tracking Artist Performance compiles data from the deep depths of Spotify to provide a detailed and actionable overview of an artist's career.

This includes:

  • Bot Detection Analysis: Reliable bot detection analysis on any playlist, artist, track, or curator.

  • Internal Spotify Popularity: Hidden insights from Spotify that determine your algorithmic support and editorial placement likelihood.

  • Historical Data on All Artists: Key metrics on audience demographics, bot affiliation, engagement rates, and content performance within the music industry's leading social platform.

  • Spotify Playlist Exposure: Tracks playlist appearances across all known Spotify Editorials, Major Label Playlists, and Third-Party (User) Playlists, essential for understanding Spotify analytics Spanish and global Spotify stats.

By encompassing all these aspects, offers an unparalleled resource for artists seeking to maximize their presence on Spotify and beyond, providing insights into Spotify artist stats, Spotify song stats, and overall Spotify analytics Spanish and global.

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