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In-Depth Playlist Analysis

Gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions with our comprehensive playlist analysis tool.

Insights like: Bot Detection, Historical Growth, Contact Info, Avg. Track Age, and more!

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We take Spotify Playlist Analysis to another level.

✅ Bot Detection

We deploy industry-leading bot detection checks on every playlist run through our playlist analyzer.

✅ Listener Playlist Data

Estimate the number of streams your track could potentially receive when added to a playlist, helping you prioritize your promotion efforts.

✅ Historical Playlist Data

Track growth of all metrics over time, including followers, listeners, popularity, keyword ranking, and so much more playlist data.

✅ Spotify Search Data

We monitor playlist performance in Spotify Search to give you a better picture of where a playlists listeners are coming from.

Among other important metrics like monthly listener tracker, stream tracker, and follower growth tracker.

Playlist Analyzer & Playlist Stats

We collect and track public contact information on hundreds of thousands of playlists. That's why we're the biggest playlist stats data service!

Always Bot-Free

Unless otherwise specified, we only show you playlists that pass all of our bot detection checks.

User Playlists

Quickly search for bot-free playlists by artists they include, genres they curate, listeners they have, and much more.

Editorial Playlists

Spotify recommends mentioning 2-3 Editorial Playlists in your Spotify for Artists Pitch. We make finding the relevant ones easy - just tick "Show Only Spotify Editorials".

Contact Thousands of Spotify Playlists

We provide the tools needed to monitor and act on botted playlist placements.

Bots are the single biggest risk for any artist on Spotify.

Whether it's your fault or not, they punish you with...

↪ 90%+ reduction in algorithm support

↪ 100% exclusion from Editorial placements

↪ At high risk of being removed from Spotify

↪ Some distributors charge you $$$ for being placed in botted playlists (like DistroKid)

Our Bot Detection Algorithms work as an insurance policy for your artist profile.

Protect Against Bots on Spotify

The Power of Spotify Playlist Analysis

Understanding the dynamics of Spotify playlists is crucial for artists, managers, and labels alike aiming to enhance their music promotion efforts. Spotify playlist analysis tools offer unparalleled insights to dissect playlist stats, ensuring that your tracks don't land in the wrong ones. By leveraging these tools, artists can sidestep low-quality playlists and connect with genuine curators who can level up their reach.

Why is Playlist Analysis and Playlist Data Important?

Spotify playlist promotion plays a big part in small to multi-platinum artists release and growth strategies. Analyzing playlists is a critical line of defense to keep your artist profile away from bot activity.

Applying Spotify Playlist Stats to Your Strategy

Accessing detailed Spotify playlist data allows artists, labels, managers, etc, to make informed decisions about who to work with and where to submit their tracks. Analyzing playlists for bot activity, follower growth patterns, genres, and estimated streams helps in identifying those with the potential for genuine exposure, ensuring a Spotify policy-compliant promotional campaign.

In-Depth Playlist Analysis Elevates Your Music Promotion

In-depth analysis tools dive deep into the metrics that matter—follower evolution, genre distribution, and stream estimation. By understanding these elements, artists can target their submissions more effectively, avoiding the pitfalls of fake followers and misaligned audience interests.

Extensive Curator & Playlist Database

We log every playlist and curator analyzed with our tool into a comprehensive database designed for artists seeking meaningful promotion. With features allowing for direct contact through various channels and filters to refine searches, artists can easily find curators that align with their music style and promotional goals

Transforming Music Promotion with Data-Driven Strategies

As the music industry continues to change, the importance of data-driven promotion strategies cannot be overstated. Spotify playlist analysis tools represent a significant advancement, enabling artists to navigate the complex landscape of digital music promotion with precision and confidence. By understanding and leveraging these tools, artists can unlock new opportunities for exposure and engagement, setting the stage for unprecedented growth in their musical careers.

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