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How To Submit Music To Spotify Playlists in 2023

In this guide, we're going to go over how to submit your music to Spotify playlists using Playlist Search.

I'm a big fan of to-the-point, so I won't fill this with fluff. Here are the steps you'll need to contact Spotify Playlist Curators.

Step 1: Think Of Similar Artists

With, you can search for playlists in multiple ways

  1. By keyword (ex: sad music indie)

  2. By artist (ex: Post Malone)

  3. By genre (ex: contemporary r&b)

My personal favorite is the artist search. You'll get a lot more relevant results this way.

Make a small list of 10-ish artists that are similar to your sound that range from large (2 mil+ listeners) to medium (300K+ listeners). Usually, you'll have hundreds of options to pick between amongst all the artists you search for.

Step 2: Search For Playlists

Go to and click the black Filter button. This will open a list of additional filtering options.

You'll see a field called "Contains Artist". Type out an artist here similar to your sound and click the search button.

Here are all the playlists for our similar artist, BLP Kosher. Most of these look relevant to me, so let's start submitting songs to playlist curators.

Step 3: Creating Your Pitch provides a default pitch that's surprisingly effective, but it's always good to check these boxes.

  • Keep it short. Curators don't want to read an essay.

  • Keep it personal. Emails that feel cold and copy-pasted will likely get ignored.

  • Include the link to your song and your name as an artist.

Step 4: Submit To Spotify Playlists

After you click into a playlist, there will be this tab called "Contact". I recommend me

Depending on your strategy and a playlist's available contact information, you may want to Email them, send them an Instagram DM, or submit via various Submission Sites like SubmitLink or SubmitHub.

For this playlist, you have a few options.

  1. Contact via SubmitHub: This is a great option if you're willing to shell out extra money for a guaranteed response.

  2. Contact via Instagram: This can be a lot more personal of an option, and obviously is free so it's definitely worth a try.

  3. Contact via Email: This is my personal favorite because you can really catch their attention with some creative subject lines.

Step 5: Wait For Responses

This is the most painful part. After you message a bunch of playlists, you'll have to wait for their response.

Sometimes they don't reply, sometimes they ask for money, and, very rarely, they're actually a genuinely nice curator and will share your track.

This is really a numbers game, so the more you can reach out to, the better. If you can work it into your routine, even better.


This is how you reach out to curators using! It's a cheap alternative to submission sites, and a highly effective way to source new playlists.

You'll have to give it a go to see if it fits into your marketing workflow!


If you're looking for a done-for-you way to submit your music to playlists, try out our sister site SubmitLink. They use data from to help you connect with authentic, active, and verified playlists!

PPS, the link below is a 20% off coupon to SubmitLink. You won't find a coupon that big anywhere else on the web. Cheers!

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MarCum uP
MarCum uP
Feb 13
Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

i did what they said.. but it wasnt exactly like the instructions.. you gotta kinda pick something close to the topic of what problem youre having..there is no for "remove from a playlist" that i seen.. so eventually they sent me to a real advisor and the it was as easy as anything..

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