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Why Spotify Playlists are Important in 2024

Spotify has singlehandedly aced the playlist ecosystem in the past and 2024 looks no different. Spotify playlists have gained a lot of popularity and traction over the years due to their ingenuity and custom music recommendations. With its annual marketing campaign that is no less than a festival - Spotify Wrapped, Spotify playlists will continue to be important and beneficial for musicians in 2024. 

Here are some key pointers you should know as a musician:

  • Spotify algorithmic playlists can direct your music to a highly particular demographic of users who are almost guaranteed to enjoy it. This can lead to many streams, especially for skilled artists in niche genres. These playlists are ‘Discover Weekly,’ and ‘Release Radar.’ 

  • In terms of follower numbers and listeners, Spotify editorial playlists have a clear advantage. The majority of artists are eager to be included on these playlists, and for good reason; inclusion on a popular playlist such as “Top Afrobeats” or “Rap Caviar” can result in thousands of new users listening to and streaming your music. But many of these numbers can be termed as “drive-by” streams. These listeners are frequently more inert in their music listening habits, and are less likely to become active, permanent fans. But regardless of that, landing on such playlists can give you a massive jump in listeners and streams.

  • User-generated playlists. Unlike editorial playlists, user-generated playlists are a long-term growth option. Your music could get taken off an editorial in a week or two but user-generated playlists can continue to fuel your growth for the foreseeable future and they're more reliable in the long run. User-generated playlists may draw an extensive amount of followers, resulting in a large number of listeners and streaming for an upcoming artist. They also can affect Spotify’s algorithmic playlists in a good way. So when someone adds a song to their playlist, Spotify receives data regarding the genre of music that users enjoy what they're hearing. Spotify can then suggest that track to other users with similar listening habits, resulting in long-term listener growth for your music and that could further trigger the algorithm to keep recommending your music to similar new users. Check out SubmitLink - pitch to verified & active user-generated Spotify playlists. ✅ Guaranteed response from any curator ✅ Refund if they don't respond to your submission ✅ Verified bot-free with data

  • You could pitch your track for Spotify Editorial Playlists through your Spotify for Artist tab. Check that your music is submitted at least 1-2 weeks before your release date!

  • Note that Spotify considers overall interaction, so playing the songs on repeat will not improve your metrics. Urge your followers to add your tracks to their personal Spotify playlists and to follow your artist profile.

  • Lastly, try to contact user-generated playlists and try to pitch your song to them. provide all the necessary data on each playlist on Spotify - you can see which ones match the genre, vibe, and theme of your music and you could also contact the playlist curator! Artist.Tools also has other features like Playlist Bot Checkers, Playlist Search, Contact Info, Listener Data, & more

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