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Best SpotOnTrack Alternative 2023

When it comes to Spotify, is half the price, twice as useful, and provides truly actionable data that can't be found anywhere else.

Data like contact information, listener data, bot detection, and more.

Trusted by industry professionals at

Why is the best SpotOnTrack alternative?


Unlimited Access



Free Plan

Digital Platforms


Most Major DSPs

Historical Data

✅ (Limited)

Listener Data

Bot Detection/Alerts

Artist Monitoring

1 for Free, Unlimited for $15

Unlimited for ~$32

Playlist Search


Very Basic

Contact Curators

​Why do music professionals use over SpotOnTrack?

🤖 Bot Detection

Botted playlists and playlist scams are a plague for small artists.

Although SpotOnTrack shows follower growth, it's not always easy to tell at a glance if a playlist is botted. They also don't do much to help artists navigate around these scams.

That's why industry professionals rely on our database of playlist scam networks and comprehensive quality reports for playlists, artists, and tracks.

🔎 Advanced Search

Unlike SpotOnTrack (where you can only search by keyword), we offer an extensive range of filtering and sorting options.

  • Contact playlists easier by searching for playlists with contact info in your genre.

  • Find high-performers by filtering by "Average Daily Growth" and capping followers at 50K.

  • Find the perfect Editorials to pitch for by selecting "Editorials Only".

The possibilities are endless.

📖 Extensive Historical Data

Unlike SpotOnTrack, we record much more than just daily follower growth & track changes.

Data like listeners, popularity scores, fraud alerts, and more.

Admittedly, SpotOnTrack has data over a longer period of time, so if that's critical for you, SpotOnTrack may still be the right decision.

📈 Better Value

SpotOnTrack was great 5 years ago, but the industry has progressed.

Nowadays, bot detection, contact information, and listener data are more important than basic follower graphs.

For half the price, users unlock 10x the value.

We collect and interpret data from Spotify and turn it into powerful insights that help music industry professionals make fast and confident marketing decisions.

Built by Aaron Whittington, originated as a personal marketing solution. Somewhere along the way it snowballed into the industries leading playlist data aggregation service.

Get Started for Free

Join thousands of artists, labels, and industry insiders using

Honest Pricing

Sign up for free to see how you like, then upgrade later to access substantially more data and features.

☑️ One Plan Unlocks Everything. Why over-complicate it?

☑️ Dirt Cheap Pricing. Because every artist is on a budget.

Compare: $15    SpotOnTrack: $32    Chartmetric: $140

☑️ Cancel Any Time. No commitment... obviously.

Interested in our data? API Access starts at $250/month.

Priced For Artists

Unlocks Everything


✅ Unlimited bot checks

✅ Unlimited playlist searches


✅ Full historical database


✅ Bot Monitoring for unlimited artists


✅ Advanced data & all charts


✅ Comprehensive bot/quality report


✅ Playlist/curator contact info


✅ Export playlists as CSV


Yearly  5 MONTHS FREE 

Free Forever


Every Month

✅ Unlimited bot checks


✅ Unlimited playlist searches


⚠️ 7-day historical database


⚠️ Bot Monitoring for 1 artist


⚠️ Basic data & follower charts


⚠️ Basic bot/quality report


❌ No playlist/curator contact info


❌ Can't export playlists as CSV

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