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Best TuneMunk Alternative 2024 is a free TuneMunk alternative that provides more value, data, and insights.

TuneMunk provides: Playlist Search (that's it)

We provide: Playlist Search, Contact Info, Listener Data, Bot Detection, Historical Data + so much more.

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Why is the best TuneMunk alternative?



✅ (+ paid plans)

Playlist Search

Historical Data

Listener Data

Bot Detection/Alerts

Artist Monitoring

Search Filters



Contact Curators

CSV Export

​Why do music professionals use over TuneMunk?

🤖 Bot Detection

Botted playlists and playlist scams are a huge deal and can stunt your organic growth over time.

TuneMunk doesn't provide any insight into whether a playlist is botted, authentic, growing, or inactive, which can be a huge liability.

That's why industry professionals rely on for Bot Detection, Listener Estimates, and Authenticity Ratings.

🔎 Search Filtering

Unfortunately, TuneMunk has no search filters. You can only search for playlists by keyword. That's it.

On, you can filter by just about anything you could imagine. Followers, listeners, contact type, botted, not botted, includes an artist, includes a phrase, doesn't include a phrase, etc... the list goes on.

Since your search results will be so much more tailored, you'll spend a lot less time searching and a lot more time contacting.

📖 Historical Data and Playlist Context

There's a lot of important context behind a playlist that TuneMunk doesn't show.

Things like:

  • Is this playlist botted?

  • Are they accepting submissions?

  • Are they a scammer?

  • Is their playlist even active? answers these questions for you.

👀 More than just playlists

TuneMunk can be great for playlists but doesn't do much else. Which is A OK!, however, is a one-stop-shop for all your Spotify growth needs. 

For example:

  • Track your playlist placements

  • Monitor your artist profile for botted playlist placements

  • Ward out known scammers/botters before you submit

  • Monitor track/artist/curator performance over time

Get Started for Free

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☑️ Free Access. Unlimited bot checks, playlist analysis, playlist searches, and 7 days of historical data.

☑️ Artist Access. Playlist contact info, detailed bot data, full historical data, & more.

☑️ Industry Access. Designed for teams managing numerous artists, curators, playlists, or tracks. CSV exports, playlist keyword data, reports, & more.

✅ We offer the MOST VALUE at the BEST PRICE than ALL our competitors. Beat that!

API Access starts at $250/month.

Free Plan & Paid Plans

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