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Bot Detection & Data Intelligence for Spotify

We collect and interpret data from Spotify to provide critical insights music industry professionals need to make quick and confident marketing decisions.

Main Features: Bot Checker, Playlist SearchContact Info, Listener Data, & more

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Find the right playlists,

avoid the wrong ones.

We track data on 100,000+ playlists, 10,000+ artists, and 100+ scam networks.



Being Monitored


Playlist Contact Details


Artists Monitored for Bots/Fraud


Botted Playlists Detected


Professionals Using

In response to Chartmetric removing playlist data for free users, we now provide 7 days of historical data for free and Full Access for only $15/month.

​Contact playlist curators faster with over 30,000 constantly updated playlist curator contacts.

☑️ Spotify Playlist Finder. Identify the exact playlists you're looking for with advanced search filters. Basically a PlaylistSupply alternative that's cheaper and better.

☑️ Artist Search. Search for playlists that include artists similar to you.

☑️ Bot-Free Playlists. We rigorously monitor every playlist for potential bot activity and exclude any botted playlists from your search automatically. We also exclude inactive playlists and playlists with no listeners.

☑️ Numerous Contact Methods. Contact playlist curators through Instagram, Email, SubmitHub, Groover, and SubmitLink

☑️ Pitch Templates. Easily copy-paste a pitch template pre-filled with the curator's name, playlist title, and top artists.

Playlist Search Engine

Submit Music to Spotify Playlists

Gain crucial and actionable insights into the legitimacy of playlists/curators, an artist's presence in botted playlists, historical growth over time, and so much more.


Think isitagoodplaylist and Chartmetric, but better and cheaper.

Critical Insights & Data

​Analyze Playlists, Artists, and Curators

  • ☑️ Monthly Listeners. We're the only site that accurately predicts a playlist's monthly listeners.

    ☑️ Bot Detection. No one does playlist bot detection better than us. You'll never get caught wondering if a playlist is genuine or botted.

    ☑️ Historical Evolution. View historical follower gain, daily follower gain, popularity/track changes, and other growth trends over any period. Basically a Chartmetric alternative that's cheaper and better).

    ☑️ Keyword Ranking. See how a playlist ranks on any keyword, in any country, in Spotify Search. Optimize playlists for organic growth via SEO.

    ...and so many more insights...

  • ☑️ Botted Playlist Checker. Run your artist profiles through our system to ensure your playlist placements are genuine. If you're in a botted playlist or get added to one, we'll let you know.

    ☑️ Playlist Placements. See what playlists, editorials, or botted playlists an artist is featured in.

    ☑️ Popularity Score. View your internal Spotify-determined popularity score out of 100.

    ☑️ Historical Evolution. View historical monthly listeners, daily follower gain, popularity changes, and other growth trends over any period (basically Chartmetric or SpotOnTrack, but better and cheaper).

    ...and so many more metrics...

  • ☑️ Popularity Tracking. Track your tracks' Spotify popularity over time.

    ☑️ Playlist Placements. See what playlists include your song, and which of those playlists are botted.

    ☑️ Historical Evolution. View historical stream growth, daily stream growth, popularity/playlist changes, and growth trends over any period (basically Chartmetric or SpotOnTrack, but better and cheaper).

    ...and so many more metrics...

  • ☑️ Playlist Comparison. Analyze historical graphs on every playlist in 1 view to spot high performers or outliers.

    ☑️ Track Management. If you verify you own a curator profile, gain access to a fleet of playlist management features.

    ☑️ Historical Evolution. View historical follower gain, daily follower gain, popularity changes, and other growth trends over any period.

    ...and so many more metrics...

They're not just fake streams. Bots put your entire artist profile at risk. We solve that.

☑️ Bot Checker. Run unlimited playlists, artists, tracks, or curators through our comprehensive Spotify bot checker.

☑️ Fraud Alerts (soon). If you get added to a botted playlist, we'll immediately notify you.

⚠️ Risks of Botting

↪ 90%+ reduction in algorithm support 

↪ 100% exclusion from Editorial placements

↪ At high risk of being removed from Spotify

↪ Some distributors charge you $$$ for being placed in botted playlists (like DistroKid)

Advanced Bot Detection

Our data shows up to 64% of small artists actively marketing their music have been placed in botted playlists

Protect Yourself From Bots

Spotify Bot Checker

Paste a Spotify URL for a free bot check.

Alternatively, type a keyword to search for playlists.

We collect and interpret data from Spotify and turn it into powerful insights that help music industry professionals make fast and confident marketing decisions.

Built by Aaron Whittington, originated as a personal marketing solution. Somewhere along the way it snowballed into the industry go-to for all things Spotify data.

© 2024 ALW Holdings Inc. All rights reserved.

Get Started for Free

Join thousands of artists, labels, and industry insiders using


Sign up for free to see how you like, then upgrade later to access substantially more data and features.

☑️ Artist Access. Contact unlimited playlists, view detailed bot information, and so much more.

☑️ Industry Access. Designed for teams managing numerous artists, curators, playlists, or tracks. CSV exports, keyword data, reports, and so much more.

☑️ Best Value. Compared to all our competitors, we offer the most value at the best cost.

Compare:   SpotOnTrack: $32    Chartmetric: $140   PlaylistRankings: $59

Interested in our data? API Access starts at $250/month.

Simple no-tricks pricing

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