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Thousands of artists, managers, and labels use every day to manage their profiles for fraud, check playlists for bots, and track their growth.

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We collect and interpret data from Spotify and turn it into powerful insights that help music industry professionals make fast and confident marketing decisions.

Built by Aaron Whittington, originated as a personal marketing solution. Somewhere along the way it snowballed into the industry go-to for all things Spotify data.

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☑️ Artist Access. Contact unlimited playlists, view detailed bot information, and so much more.

☑️ Industry Access. Designed for teams managing numerous artists, curators, playlists, or tracks. CSV exports, keyword data, reports, and so much more.

☑️ Best Value. Compared to all our competitors, we offer the most value at the best cost.

Compare:   SpotOnTrack: $32    Chartmetric: $140   PlaylistRankings: $59

Interested in our data? API Access starts at $250/month.

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