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Best isitagoodplaylist Alternative 2024

Imagine was strapped to rockets and on steroids; that's

We offer everything they do... plus: Bot detection, listener data, contact info, and so much more.

Trusted by industry professionals at

Why is the best isitagoodplaylist alternative?


Unlimited Access



Historical Data



Listener Data


Bot Detection/Alerts

Curator Monitoring

Track Monitoring

Artist Monitoring

Playlist Search Filters



Curator Contacts

​Why do music professionals use over isitagoodplaylist?

🤖 Advanced Bot Detection vs. Basic Quality Report

isitagoodplaylist can be great for determining the quality of a playlist, but they only look on the outside, and it can be overwhelming to decipher.

We provide a digestible rating for every playlist based on factors like:

  • How a playlist grows over time

  • Who a playlist is owned by or mentions

  • Numerous user reports

We track all known playlist scam networks (think,, etc) to auto-flag any new playlists that pop up.

That's why music industry professionals rely on for comprehensive and reliable bot detection.

🔎 Advanced Search vs. Basic Search

Put simply, isitagoodplaylist search filters are basic. They're limited to contact type... and there's not much you can do with that.

On, you can filter by just about anything you could imagine. Followers, listeners, contact type, botted, not botted, includes an artist, includes a phrase, doesn't include a phrase, etc... the list goes on.

Our search interface was designed to cover a variety of use cases.

For example:

  • Spot emerging trends by filtering for high-growth playlists under a certain size.

  • Find playlists on SubmitHub that include songs from Post Malone, a similar artist to you.

  • Filter playlist quality low to high to educate yourself on popular playlist scam networks.

📖 Extensive Historical Data

Unlike isitagoodplaylist, we record much more than just daily follower growth & track changes.

Data like listeners, popularity scores, fraud alerts, and more.

👀 More than just playlists

Unlike isitagoodplaylist, we cover a lot more than just playlists.

On, we track artist, track, playlist, and curator data, so you can get the full picture.

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☑️ Free Access. Unlimited bot checks, playlist analysis, playlist searches, and 7 days of historical data.

☑️ Artist Access. Playlist contact info, detailed bot data, full historical data, & more.

☑️ Industry Access. Designed for teams managing numerous artists, curators, playlists, or tracks. CSV exports, playlist keyword data, reports, & more.

✅ We offer the MOST VALUE at the BEST PRICE than ALL our competitors. Beat that!

API Access starts at $250/month.

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