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Best PlaylistRankings Alternative 2024 is a tool to track keyword search rankings (SEO) on a playlist. is an PlaylistRankings alternative that's better and cheaper.

☑️ Real-time Data
☑️ 6x Cheaper
☑️ Bulk Searching
➕ A bunch more goodies...

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Why is the best PlaylistRankings alternative?





Unlimited Keywords

Data Updated


Weekly (or Daily for $199/m)

Real-time Search

​Why do music professionals use over PlaylistRankings?

Search keywords in real-time and receive mounds of critical information, like:

  • Keyword Volume: Get a rating on each keyword to see its value and monthly search volume. Perfect for knowing which keywords to optimize for.

  • Similar Keywords: See what keywords related to your search is trending, providing opportunities to explore more keywords.

  • Top 50 Playlists: View the top 50 playlists for any keyword in any market!

  • Playlist Keyword History: See a historical view of what keywords a playlist has ranked for over time, and how their positions evolved over time.

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☑️ Free Access. Unlimited bot checks, playlist analysis, playlist searches, and 7 days of historical data.

☑️ Artist Access. Playlist contact info, detailed bot data, full historical data, & more.

☑️ Industry Access. Designed for teams managing numerous artists, curators, playlists, or tracks. CSV exports, playlist keyword data, reports, & more.

✅ We offer the MOST VALUE at the BEST PRICE than ALL our competitors. Beat that!

API Access starts at $250/month.

Free Plan & Paid Plans

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